Assessment from a distance: A case study implementing focus groups at an online library.

Jennifer C. Hill and Christine Patterson recently published an article, Assessment from a distance: A case study implementing focus groups at an online library, in College & Undergraduate Libraries. Their article delves into the complete process of piloting virtual focus groups—from planning and implementation through the analysis of results for a completely online student population. […]

Research Data Management Services SPEC Kit 334 Published

  ELP is pleased to announced the publication of a new SPEC Kit survey. This kit surveys ARL member libraries on their activities related to access, management, and archiving of research data at their institutions. In addition, the kit explores the organization of research data management services (including a few questions on broader data support services), how they are […]

White paper: Research & Information Fluency

 Working with the world of information has gotten increasingly complex—not just the information itself but also the mechanisms for accessing the information. In an age of information overload, people face an increasingly complex dilemma of how to find relevant information efficiently. In past projects, the Entrepreneurial Library Program (ELP) team has observed that professionals often […]

Creating Stronger Student Outcomes through Collaboration and Assessment

With decreased funding occurring in secondary and higher education, providing relevant and meaningful cross-curricular connections can be challenging. This presentation first highlights national trends, and then shifts to a pilot project in an East Baltimore inner-city high school. This case study, presented at EDUCAUSE, demonstrates how some of these challenges were addressed through a collaboration […]

Consider the Alumni Library

In 2011, Distance Education Librarian Patricia Lovett published an editorial in an Elseiver journal. This article is a thought piece about the current status of online alumni libraries—their collections, services, financial and staffing structure, and offers some suggestions and thoughts for future sustainability. Lovett, P. (2011). Consider the Alumni Library. Serials Review, 37(3), 147-148. doi:10.1016/j.serrev.2011.05.001.