Choosing a Discovery Tool for YOUR Unique Library

On November 3, 2011, Jennifer Castaldo moderated and presented on a panel at the Charleston Conference. The proceedings paper is currently available online and will be published by Purdue University in October 2012. Abstract: Our users want an easier way to search library resources and currently there are many discovery tools available, which can seem daunting.  How […]

Mendeley Citation Tool

Recently a colleague reminded me about Mendeley. Its name is reminiscent of Mendel or Mendeleev, and probably the scientific allusion is intentional. It’s a fairly new popular academic and scientific research citation and PDF management tool, usable both on your desktop and online. An excellent feature of this tool is that it automatically extracts bibliographic […]

Search within Citing Articles in Google Scholar

In 2002, Mikhail Simkin and Vwani Roychowdhury, two electrical engineers at the University of California, Los Angeles, examined how often errors in citation lists are passed to subsequent papers.  Simkin and Roychowdhury tracked 4300 citations of a seminal 1973 paper on condensed-matter physics (J. M. Kosterlitz and D. J. Thouless J. Phys. C 6, 1181–1203; […]