JHUDMS Presentation at CNI Fall Membership Meeting

Barbara Pralle and Betsy Gunia presented at the CNI Fall Membership Meeting in Washington DC, December 8th, 2014 (link). They discussed the work involved in developing the Small Data Collections Archiving Service, an archiving service that JHUDMS began offering in … Continued

Presentation: The Value of Virtual Libraries

Several memebers of the ELP team gave a lively presentation to the BioIT Coalititon about the value of having virtual libraries and how they can create effective access to information. The Value of Virtual Libraries: Creating Effective Access to Information. … Continued

Mendeley tip: easy importing

I’ve mainly used Refworks and Endnote in the past, so one thing I can really appreciate about the Mendeley citation tool is how easy it is to import and cite articles from my web browser. It is pretty easy to … Continued

Qualitative vs. Quanitative

If you’ve ever constructed a survey, you’ve probably given some thought to whether you’re trying to gather qualitative or quantitative information — or perhaps both. Is there something that makes quantitative information superior to qualitative? This entry discusses the differences … Continued

Sharing Lists of Pubmed articles

Researchers long familiar with PubMed may remember the cubby. MyNCBI is the name of the new personal storage space. MyNCBI can be used to save searches, as well as something called “Collections” from PubMed and other NCBI databases, such as … Continued