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It is common for us to be asked when we are presenting, why do librarians have a problem with google? While some librarians have spoken negatively about the search engine, I think most recognize that the popular search tool has strengths. For example, on this blog, we’ve talked about Google Scholar before about how easy it […]

Mendeley tip: easy importing

I’ve mainly used Refworks and Endnote in the past, so one thing I can really appreciate about the Mendeley citation tool is how easy it is to import and cite articles from my web browser. It is pretty easy to use. While it works great with many licensed academic library databases (such as IEEE Xplore, […]

Mendeley Citation Tool

Recently a colleague reminded me about Mendeley. Its name is reminiscent of Mendel or Mendeleev, and probably the scientific allusion is intentional. It’s a fairly new popular academic and scientific research citation and PDF management tool, usable both on your desktop and online. An excellent feature of this tool is that it automatically extracts bibliographic […]


What is Wiggio? The W.I.G. stands for “working in groups”. Wiggio is a conferencing tool freely available online, no software download required. Wiggio’s features include mass text and voice messaging, shared calendaring (with text message reminders), easy file sharing, polling, free group conference calling, shared bookmarking and more.  Wiggio’s strength lies in its simplicity: it takes […]

Jing: add visuals to your online conversations for free

I’ve been hearing for Jing for a couple months now and finally had a few moments to sit down and take a look at it. Jing is a software you can download to your computer. There is a free version, as well as a pro version. The free version allows you to: Capture a window, […]