On November 3, 2011, Jennifer Castaldo moderated and presented on a panel at the Charleston Conference. The proceedings paper is currently available online and will be published by Purdue University in October 2012.

Abstract: Our users want an easier way to search library resources and currently there are many discovery tools available, which can seem daunting.  How do you know which one will work for your unique library? Librarians from different types of libraries including an online library, a land-grant school, a law library, a private university, and a consortium, describe how they evaluated the available products and made decisions on which tools to implement.   A variety of platforms are discussed including: Ebsco’s Discovery Service, III’s Encore Synergy Discovery, Serials Solutions’ Summon, and even a homegrown solution.  Discover what libraries are looking for in these tools, strategies for determining which one best fits your needs, and lessons learned throughout the process from the investigation phase to implementation.

Castaldo, J., Dulaney, C.K., Klingler, T., Rossmann, D., & Wrubel, L. (2011, November). Experiences from the field: Choosing a discovery tool for your unique library. Presented at the Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC.

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