I’ve been hearing for Jing for a couple months now and finally had a few moments to sit down and take a look at it. Jing is a software you can download to your computer. There is a free version, as well as a pro version.

The free version allows you to:

  • Capture a window, pane, or region of what you see on your screen
  • Mark up your image with text, arrow, highlight, or rectangle
  • Copy and paste the screenshot as a visible image instead of a link or save as a file
  • Put HTML embedding code onto your clipboard or upload to FTP
  • Works with tweeting, publishing your links to Twitter by using a button in JingĀ see how.
  • Record 5 minute screen casts

There is also a Pro version, that costs $14.95 a year. What’s the difference? The Pro version allows for saving the files as an MPEG, not just SWF. Both versions have a 5 minute recording time, but the pro version allows for publishing directly into YouTube. Here’s a nice table that summarizes the differences between the free and pro version.

I tried the free version and I like it. Currently I use SnagIt on my work computer, and found that this does caputre what I have been doing in SnagIt. Here’s an example of a quickie image I made on the advanced Google search screen where you can now limit your searches based on the reusage right of the materials. For example, maybe you want to find content that can be reused commercially for free.

Search google based on usage rights

It’s not as fancy as SnagIt, but works well and did do what I wanted it to do — and best of all it was free.

In terms of recording video, it’s really easy. Where you need short web video capture (5 minute or less), Jing works nicely and is very easy to share. Here’s an example of a quick video recording I made and shared in screencast.com in less than 5 minutes. I think the free version should work quite nicely, if having an ad-free version is important, you may want to consider the Pro version. One note, when you save the video to screen cast, the URL for screen cast is copied into your clip board, so make sure to share that link before you copy and paste something else.

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