I’ve mainly used Refworks and Endnote in the past, so one thing I can really appreciate about the Mendeley citation tool is how easy it is to import and cite articles from my web browser. It is pretty easy to use. While it works great with many licensed academic library databases (such as IEEE Xplore, JSTOR, AIP Scitation, Wiley Online Library and many more), it also works with many open source and/or free scholoarly websites such as Google Scholar, PubMed, Public Library of Science and arXiv.

To get started, install the Web importer. It’s very easy to do and instructions are posted on the Mendeley website. Then when you open your web browser, you should see a Mendeley bookmark on your browser toolbar. When you see an article of interest, just click that bookmark and Mendely will import this document (PDF as well if available).

In less than a minute I was able to install the web importer, search and locate an article in Google Scholar and save it into Mendeley where I could edit the tags and easily correct any citation inforamtion. Here’s a quick image of what it looked like in my web browser:

The only thing that gave me a brief problem was that the first time I save the web importer onto my bookmarks folder, I saved it into the wrong folder so it didn’t appear on my toolbar. When I organized my book marks I easily moved it to the right folder. Once you find the article that you want to store in Mendeley, you click that bookmark on your toolbar and you will be prompted to login to Mendeley. After you log in, the article is imported for you.

The image below shows a JSTOR article that I located via Google Scholar and imported into Mendely. Here’s what I saw after the article was imported:

Mendeley Web importer

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