Several memebers of the ELP team gave a lively presentation to the BioIT Coalititon about the value of having virtual libraries and how they can create effective access to information.

The Value of Virtual Libraries: Creating Effective Access to Information. Presented by Susan Payne, Barbara Pralle, and Judy Smith (November 18, 2008). Location:  JHU Montgomery County Campus.

While this presentation is not online, it illustrates the variety of presentations that ELP undertakes. Examples of topics covered are listed below:

  • Several case studies that illustrate what can happen when libraries or information are not valued, accessible or considered
  • Examples of Virtual Libraries
  • Observations related to inadvertent copyright violation
  • Cost of lost time:  a series of recent studies
  • If you’ve decided a library is important, how do you build the infrastructure for a virtual library,  who needs to be involved?
  • The value of a virtual library and library services

If you would like a similar presentation for your group, please contact us.

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