What is Wiggio? The W.I.G. stands for “working in groups”. Wiggio is a conferencing tool freely available online, no software download required. Wiggio’s features include mass text and voice messaging, shared calendaring (with text message reminders), easy file sharing, polling, free group conference calling, shared bookmarking and more.  Wiggio’s strength lies in its simplicity: it takes under a minute to sign up, and it’s extremely easy to use.

To get an idea of what Wiggio can do, take a look at one of their tutorials:

With any cool new Web 2.0 tool, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the privacy policy. Wiggio does have a clearly-stated privacy policy on their website. It’s also good that they don’t sell their user names and there is no public directory for the groups in Wiggio. In order to maintain the privacy of each group, there are only several ways for someone to join into a group, including:

  • Invitation to a group via email or Facebook from a current member of the group who has the ability to invite other people
  • Log-in to a group through Group Name and Password which only members of the group know and must provide to the other person for them to join the group
  • Click a link to enter the group can be sent out and all those who receive the link can join the group by clicking it

For collaborating, the group sharing space looks very convenient. The quick poll of the group feature is also very useful.

Testing Wiggio, I’ve found it very easy to use and set up. I joined and sent out invitations to members. When they accept,they get a confirmation email with a link to complete the process, choose a password, and that’s it. If they want, they can then add a photo, a phone number, or their Twitter & FaceBook URL’s to their profile. If a group member posts a comment or uploads a file, all members are notified by email automatically — there’s nothing to set up. Members can opt to be sent a text message instead of the email notification if they chose.

This app has some equity behind it as well. Wiggio has raised $1.95 million in equity-based funding, according to an SEC filing. Happy collaborating!

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