The Entrepreneurial Library Program (ELP) supports the mission of the Sheridan Libraries of the Johns Hopkins University by serving as an incubator for the development of highly customized library and information services, adding to the Hopkins libraries reputation for innovation, and providing financial support to the Sheridan Libraries. ELP serves both nonprofit and for-profit organizations and individuals within and beyond the JHU community. While long known for its entrepreneurial spirit and business enterprises, the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University formally established the Entrepreneurial Library Program (ELP) in 1999.

ELP began as a way to: build sustainable revenue-generating mechanisms to support the libraries; and innovate new services. The program started by designing and implementing tailor-made library and information services.  An important defining characteristic of ELP has been to develop pilot programs to test services in new areas before implementing longer term programs.

Client Showcase:

ELP’s innovative library and information services have benefited customers from the academic to the corporate sectors, with institutions of all sizes. Over the years, ELP has successfully diversified beyond information services to include the long-established events rental programs at the George Peabody Library and at Evergreen Library & Museum, as well as a newer service: Hopkins History Enterprises, an oral history and editorial service for the Johns Hopkins community and beyond. ELP’s services have evolved over the years, yet remain true to its values of collaboration and responsiveness to client needs. We build our reputation on partnering closely with clients to provide customized services and expertise, and we continue to prize innovation and efficiency in our service development and delivery.

Baltimore City Public Schools Pilot Project
Mapped information literacy standards to new Common Core Curriculum for two pilots designed and implemented for ninth graders in an urban Baltimore school. Conducted pre- and post-assessments as well as began to create teacher training to address how to help educators in the classroom meet student research and information needs that tie directly to class assignments.

Johns Hopkins University Development Office

ELP managed a research project for the JHU Development Office. The focus of this research uncovered complete missing chronology for each named JHU named professorships. ELP structured a research strategy that incorporated searching through archival, online, and other quality printed resources. This effort also involved coordination and communication across traditional library and archival areas.

Bio-pharmaceutical Drug Development Company
Needs assessment for established biotech to help guide and inform the creation of an online library. We gathered information from a quantitative survey and also conducted in-person interviews across the department in different areas in order to gain a deep understanding of information needs within the organization. We also reviewed existing resources in order to refresh, organize and update the corporate website for the library.

Maryland Biotechnology Center
Completed a resources review in multiple subject areas for the Maryland Biotechnology Center. We reviewed core resources in multiple subject areas, such as capital formation, business, and scientific resources for a virtual library refresh.

Online Distance Learning University
Provided a comprehensive review of accreditation criteria for online academic library planning. Gathered accreditation standards from national and regional agencies specifically looking for standards tied to library and information resources. Made recommendations for strategic library planning for a major online University based on the relevant standards.

Professional Membership Organization
Created and offered a streamed training webinar for professional membership organization. We listened to the research and information needs of a group of medical writers and created a tailored presentation about in an important area for them related to finding medical information online. We also reviewed and evaluated recording and streaming technologies to determine what would work best for them.

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