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It is common for us to be asked when we are presenting, why do librarians have a problem with google? While some librarians have spoken negatively about the search engine, I think most recognize that the popular search tool has … Continued

Mendeley tip: easy importing

I’ve mainly used Refworks and Endnote in the past, so one thing I can really appreciate about the Mendeley citation tool is how easy it is to import and cite articles from my web browser. It is pretty easy to … Continued

Mendeley Citation Tool

Recently a colleague reminded me about Mendeley. Its name is reminiscent of Mendel or Mendeleev, and probably the scientific allusion is intentional. It’s a fairly new popular academic and scientific research citation and PDF management tool, usable both on your … Continued


What is Wiggio? The W.I.G. stands for “working in groups”. Wiggio is a conferencing tool freely available online, no software download required. Wiggio’s features include mass text and voice messaging, shared calendaring (with text message reminders), easy file sharing, polling, free … Continued