In 2011-2012, ELP piloted projects related to integrating information literacy standards into the Common Core curriculum for k-12. The pilots have been completed successfully in an urban East Baltimore high school. Pre- and post-assessments demonstratee value and provided students a voice in the learning process. This framework of integrating information literacy and learning competencies has successfully been extended to company and university settings. Our work takes banks of skills, aligns them into standards, and then embeds the resulting learning competencies into curriculum (shown in the image below):


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White Papers:

Since 2011, ELP has piloted projects that have explored integrating digital and data literacy into curriculum at various learning stages, including higher education and corporate settings. ELP has written two white papers to explain our views about embedding information literacy into larger frameworks:

  • White paper #1 focuses on how information literacy can strengthen curriculum and learning outcomes. ELP views information literacy as overarching data, digital, media, visual, and other literacies. Each literacy can be broken down into modular and adaptive research skills, following a natural progression of skills in each level of learner development. Embedding research skills into the curriculum results in stronger outcomes that can be measured through ongoing assessments.
  • White paper #2 expands ELP views further about how information fluency can strengthen student success and retention by embedding into a larger, over-arching framework. This white paper expands our view that information literacy can strategically build and refresh skills in primary & secondary schools, colleges & universities, professional settings, and beyond into life-long learning. The ELP framework provides the scaffolding to help shape specific skill development opportunities at a tactical level and may fill gaps where comprehensive solutions do not exist.

For integrating information literacy into or how these information literacy framework fit together, please contact Barbara Pralle.

Workbook Kits:

Revised in 2013 focuses on writing papers and ties into the Common Core and information literacy standards for high school and college preparedness. This workbook was originally written in 2011 and tailored to ninth graders in East Baltimore. This revised workbook has incorporated student feedback in order to create a step-by-step workbook that walks students through the process of writing and researching an argumentative paper. Please use the ELP order form to purchase a workbook manual for teachers. If purchasing workbooks for a class or multiple classes, please contact us for discounted pricing for bulk orders. An online tool that complements the workbook is forthcoming.