White paper: Research & Information Fluency

 Working with the world of information has gotten increasingly complex—not just the information itself but also the mechanisms for accessing the information. In an age of information overload, people face an increasingly complex dilemma of how to find relevant information efficiently. In past projects, the Entrepreneurial Library Program (ELP) team has observed that professionals often devote a great deal of time trying to figure out which resources exist, what to use, and how to use them – often with some inefficiencies. Market research studies, such as one by LexisNexis, reaffirm this finding by stating that sixty-eight percent of professionals wish they could spend less time organizing information and more time using the information that comes their way.

For ELP’s full white paper, for our view on how information literacy

can strengthen learning outcomes across a continuum


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    I look forward to reading. This seems like an interesting angle!


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